Memento memory
How to improve memory, concentration
and brain productivity

Elena Sosnovtseva, Alpina publisher house, 2021
An excellent book for those who want to learn to focus their attention better, strengthen cognitive control, and take a new approach to mastering knowledge with the help of memorization techniques. Based on the author's own experience, the results of work with students, based on numerous sources studied, in an easy presentation of the theory by examples with practical exercises, the book forms the interest and intention to develop and apply this knowledge in life.
отзывы о книге Memento Memory: как улучшить память концентрацию и продуктивность мозга
Maria Grigorieva
managing director, head of the practice
Accenture Technology
The book is very timely and it's highly useful, because so many people, relying on gadgets and preferring to "google" everything, have stopped training memory and attention, generally speaking, the brain. I'm all for gadgets and networks, but I'm also "for" books like this, which teach, not just theoretically, but with practical exercises, associative thinking, concentration and much more. The author's personal view is perfectly combined with a reference to the classics. I recommend it to anyone who wants to live a mentally healthy and effective lifetime.
отзыв на книгу Елены Сосновцевой Memento Memory
Svetlana Ivanova
Business trainer, entrepreneur, manager with 25 years of experience, and author of 20 books.

We are living longer - scientists say that old age has been pushed back by as much as 30 years. That's a plus, but it's also a challenge: to extend mental productivity by as much as 30 years. Or even increase it significantly. After all, the cumulative effect of life experience can work - why not live several professional lives, and have several careers?
To keep up with the digital age and easily understand the increasingly complex world around us, we need to "sharpen" our brains, and get a meta-knowledge of how our intellectual systems work. And we can also revise, upgrade, remove obsolete programs and download new ones.
I invite you with me on this fascinating journey.
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