Case studies

Presentation of the project to the Board of Directors.

The top manager has to present the company’s development strategy to the Board.  He wanted to be confident and receive as less as possible critics’ notes. The best result could be for him if the strategy is accepted with minimum amendments. 

  • the manager is new in the company and she is in the adaptation period
  • it’s her new job after maternity leave 
  • the success of the presentation determines  her status in the company and the completed probationary period

Tasks for coaching:
  • increase inner confidence for a successful presentation

The contract for 6 sessions included:
  • 7 individual sessions
  • 1 shadow coaching session during rehearsal presentation to the internal team

  • the client spoke confidently at the CD, and the strategy was accepted with minimal comments from the Board members 
  • the client has successfully passed the trial period.