Case studies

Coaching for the assimilation of a new head of department

The team leader of one of the departments was appointed to the position of Senior Manager of the department instead of his boss who left the company.

The former leader had high authority in his team. Since his leaving, the team has experienced general apathy and showed a reduction in productivity. 
The new leader has experience in leading a project team: short deadlines, emphasis on project management, a small, close-knit team, bound more by the architecture of project goals, tasks, deadlines and evaluation criteria than by the leadership of the leader.
The new leader has the challenge to be more open but he prefers contactless team management through task and performance trackers.

Tasks of coaching for a new leader:
  • Developing the Emotional Leadership Skills of the New Leader
  • Acquaintance and assimilation with the team
  • Retention of key employees
  • Achievements of goals
  • Development of linear relations of the department in the company

The 6-month contract included:
1 assimilation session for the team leader - 2 hours
6 team coaching sessions - 6 hours
12 individual coaching sessions with a new leader

Successful assimilation of the new leader was allowed to keep the team
The team recognized the new leader as their leader
An atmosphere of mutual understanding and cooperation has been created within the department.
The new leader has developed the skills to interact at the level of values ​​​​with his team members (rather than numbers and statistics)
The new leader entered the personnel reserve of the organization.